Filipino Healer

Filipino Healer

As Reiki is one form of Energy Healing commonly practiced in the United States, Brazil (International Academy of Consciousnesses, John of God, etc) and Philippines (Eleuterio Terte, Virgilio D Gutierrez Jr., etc.) practices different techniques commonly know as Penta, Etheric  Surgery or Bare-Hand Surgery.

Although Bare-Hand Surgery is illegal in the United States, technique such as “Energy Transfer”, “Reiki” and “Distant Healing” is commonly practice.

Many people understand the 3rd dimension, but some advance spiritualist work in the 4th dimension with a combination of higher chakras or vibrations or dimension.

Vibrations is the essence or key to our higher-self, the question is how do we get their or can I feel that energy?   Well the truth comes down to your practice, the more you practices, the more you will see results.  Come and join one of our sessions or workshops to feel energy.

If you have experience this or would like to learn more, look at my Course & Workshop for up coming events.


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