Course & Workshop

Tarot Cards Reading by Helen Shaner

Tarot Cards Reading by Helen Shaner

Course & Workshop – Unique Psychic Connection w/ Helen Shaner


Are you ready to learn?  I will be having plain & tarot card classes several times a year.   We we will go over the basic plain cards, then we can move up to tarot cards.   During this time you might start noticing that you are developing your senses unknowingly, which Psychic course will be coming soon.

One  of  the  common  encounters  that  people  get  discourage  when  visiting  psychics are  the  too  many    “Ask a Question”, which looses credibility with psychics, unless your on the money, which Helen has been known to do.

One of the best practices is to sit back, relax and listen during the first two spread (take notes) and their will be third spread that you would be able to go in dept with your questions.


Meditation & Energy Cleaning will be common practice prior, during and after a reading and adopted in your daily life’s.   Follow us on for our 1 hour meditation course which will be dedicated to silencing the mind and controlling your thoughts in order to open your true inter-self.


Card Reading

  1. Basic – (Plain Cards – Numerology & Combinations, Elements, etc)
  2. Intermediate – (Different types of Spreads & Technique Practice)
  3. Advance –  (Tarot Cards & Practice)


After successfully conducting 20 Card Reading under the supervision of Mrs. Shaner you will receive a certificate of completion and practitioner as a Card Reader.


All group classes are held at night or on the weekends.

Student Discount on Groupon – Coming Soon!!!

Private Readings – Call (850) 736-3829

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